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RE: Condition Assessment of Waterfront Structure

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Basically, at this point your report to them is that you will perform a “preliminary investigation” the results of which will indicate whether or not there is a need for a more detailed inspection.


Most of the time these people are concerned with spending the money to go “in depth.” I run into this pretty frequently. I tell them “yes, my initial investigation will be able to tell us if you have a problem that requires that we go to the next level of investigation.”

That way, they can make the call to go ahead or not, and you’re not sticking your neck out trying to state conclusions that can’t possibly be made with the “cursory” level of information you can derive from such.


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Subject: Condition Assessment of Waterfront Structure


The owners have asked me to comment on the condition of pilings, sway braces (batter piles), and report their apparent condition as well as any need for short or long term maintenance.  This building is located along the bank of a large river (Columbia River) and is located within seismic zone 3.  My concern is how much information can I realistically report to them during a “cursory” condition assessment