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RE: Future Generations of Engineers

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>Why do you seem to advocate leaving a "flawed" system in place and just
>adding another year to the mix?
The flaw in the system is the notion that universities produce engineers. 
They don't. Universtiy education introduces a certain portion of the 
science and none of the art required in engineering practice. In addition 
it doesn't attempt to teach organizational or communication skills 
appropriate to engineering practice. My experience is also that graduate 
tends to be come more narrowly focussed, not broader. The place to teach 
the art of engineering is an engineering office, either through a sort of 
preceptorship or a co-op program.

(Not meaning to give offense to academia, Scott, but I do think that the 
Law and the healing professions have it right, with the respective 
practices of clerking and internship.)

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