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RE: Future Generations of Engineers

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Like the contractor (see previous post) who, after looking at my
post-tensioned concrete foundation plan for a residence, told me "hey,
all my foundation subs are tellin' me you overdesigned this thing!"

I asked him to ask the foundation subs what the new requirement in the
state of Texas now is for the average post-tension compression on the
gross section, and how much they believe it has increased recently.

He just sort of shrugged and changed the subject.

Reminds me of the joke I read in Reader's Digest years ago. The dentist
comes in to do a filling, and the guy in the chair is griping about the
cost, how outrageous it is, etc.

The dentist excuses himself a moment, then returns with a shoe-box full
of bits of metal, porcelain and wire.

"I'm sorry," he tells the complaining patient. "I didn't realize you
wanted the do-it-yourself kit. Try to be careful, hear?" and hands the
guy the box, and bids him good day.

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You just point out part a variation on the problem.  Again, most people
don't understand what the structural engineer does.  But, because we do
something that "seems" so "ordinary", they are willing to take the word
someone who appears to know "stuff" in the realm of structural
because of their close proximity job wise rather than the structural

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