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Freezer Slab

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I have been asked to make a recommendation for repair of a freezer slab that has risen about 6" from the edge to the middle - 10' +/-.
The freezer is kept at about -10 degrees F and has a floor consisting of 4" concrete over 3" rigid insulation over 4" of concrete.  The building is in a mild climate in the Pacific Northwest and is about 10 years old and the original soil report shows no ground water to the bottom of the test pits.  Somewhere water has intruded - broken water line?
As far as I can tell (and also from a core through the floor) the cause is from frost heaving.  I have done a little bit of work in Alaska and dealt with frost heaving but this is in reverse.  I think I know what to do but just wondered if anybody has dealt with this problem before and has recommendations on how to fix it.
Jim Persing, PE