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Re: Freezer Slab

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<Jim K,
<All of the test pits had very fine sandy silt to about 6 to 8 feet
deep.  The building is a supermarket and the freezer is only <about 12'
x 20'.  I guess what
<bothers me most is that this is such a usual configuration but such an
unusual occurrence.
<I had planned on putting 24" of granular fill below the new slab
consisting of 2" of sand over a 10 mil vapor barrier over 4" of <crushed
gravel over 18"
<of non frost susceptible gravel.  Maybe the vapor barrier should go
below the non frost susceptible gravel?  The slab will be <the normal 4"
<4" insulation and a 4" concrete "rat" slab for a total of 12".

I think you want to put the vapor retarder/barrier deeper.  With the
vapor retarder shallow and close to the bottom of the freezer, the
temperature in the soil could be below freezing and a ice lense may form
on the bottom of the vapor retarder.
Putting the vapor retarder deeper will stop the formation of the ice
lense since the temperature when further from the bottom of the freezer
should be warmer.

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