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Re: Future Generations of Engineers

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        Thanks, Scott.


H. Daryl Richardson

Scott Maxwell wrote:

> Daryl,
> Nominally, the system is supposed to work such that 1 credit equals one
> hour of class contact time.  As it turns out, this does not quite hold
> true for lab sessions, but does hold relatively true for lecture type
> session.  A 3 credit class that is all lectures will typically meet for 3
> hours each week.  When I was in school (and I assume it is still somewhat
> the case), a 2 credit chemistry lab really was 4 hours a week (1 hour of
> lecture and a 3 hour lab session).  Similar for other lab sessions.  Thus,
> for my alma mater, Michigan, you end up with 16 credits each semester on
> average in order to get the required 128 credits in four years.  This
> amounts to something on the order of 16 to 20 hours of CLASS time each
> week.  Figure that you can roughly double that when you add in time spent
> on homework assignments, depending on the individual.
> HTH,
> Scott
> Ypsilanti, MI

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