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RE: future generations of engineers (was foreign engineer requirements)

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The problem with this is, every time I read “code phrases” like “standard of living and concern for the environment,” I know that the speaker really means “union politics and nanny-state dictatorship.”


You look at the way we’ve done it in this country. Whatever else you can say, we aren’t even a patch (yet) on the rest of the world when it comes to unfettered, smothering, life-destroying socialism. And that’s why we have the standard of living we do.


When you allow ordinary people the freedom to do extraordinary things, the miracle of the United States of America happens (and no, it isn’t because of our “euro-centric” society or whatever, nor is it because of our “diversity.” It’s neither. It’s FREEDOM, whatever color that comes in).


When you go on, decade after decade, with cloying, stifling, rampant top-down centralized socio-political planning, you get present-day France and Germany (and I don’t care what you say, their standards of living STINK).


At worst, you get the Soviet Bloc, still trying to recover after more than a decade.


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This is no criticism of India by any means, however, what you refer to under "CAPITALISM" as a standard of living and concern for our environment over the price of human life is not an induced overnight issue