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Pancake Breakfasts - Boy I'm hungry

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Paul Feather wrote:


There are a few posts over the years that I print and store in a file for reference; one of these was a post of Stan's regarding salaries, position, and marketing. If I am ever in Dallas, I might even try to have Stan teach me how to throw a pancake breakfast.




I think the choices at the breakfast are blueberry or hanging-chad pancakes… Texas Style (big as the plate they’re served on). I think the main requirement to throw the breakfast is money, a good back slappin’ technique, a firm handshake, the ability to laugh loudly at lame jokes, a real drive to make the community a better place for all, friends with money, and oh yeah, I almost forgot, more money. You could hand out buttons to pin on everyone’s shirt with your engineering seal on them next to an American Flag.


I prefer Denny’s original grand slam: $2.99 but they phased out the funny robot mask I used to wear all day with the eye sockets and mouth pop outs so I could stick my tongue out at my sister when my parents weren’t looking. Now my kids get 1 crayon if they are lucky. Ah, the good things in life…



Santa Clara, CA