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RE: Future Generations of Engineers

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While ASCE's position has some similarities to Stan's views (i.e. both
like the idea of a required masters degree), there are some subtle
differences.  ASCE would like to see a masters degree requirement that
would be of a general nature.  In otherwords, ASCE believes (at least as I
understand it...but then I am in the process of reading their draft
report) the general civil engineering BSCE programs are no longer
sufficient enough in teaching the broad range of civil engineering topics
and would want the required masters degree to be still of a broad civil
engineering nature.  It appears that Stan does not believe that the
current BSCE programs are able to present enough specialized information
on (for example) structural engineering to get a newly graduated person
enough information to go into the sub-field of structural engineering.
Thus, Stan would like, I believe, to have some get a masters degree that
spends most of the time taking additional structural courses (or geotech,
etc...what area is going to be their specialty).  Stan's view corresponds
more to NCSEA's views and their accompanying proposed "required"

>From my perspective, I can at least give Stan's views some credit.  I am
not so nearly as generous with ASCE's position.  It is certainly within
reason that an extra year of additional structural courses would be
rather helpful to newly graduated student.  Where I differ from Stan is
that while I certainly consider it helpful (and thus makes such a person
much more likely to be productive when I hire him/her), I don't consider
it necessary nor do I expect it.

FYI, if you want to read about ASCE's position in your spare time
(assuming that you have such a thing), you can find out about at:

ASCE's position is outlined in policy 465.  It originally basically called
for requiring a masters degree.  It now calls for a masters degree or
equivalent.  What I am not sure of yet is what the "or equivalent" really
means.  It could just be some nice political spin to give those ASCE
members who voiced opposition to the first professional degree policy a
nice warm fuzzy feeling that maybe the ASCE leadership listened to us,
even though the policy is basically the same.  I don't know yet.  That is
why I am reading through the draft report and plan to send some comments.
We will see.


Ypsilanti, MI

On Mon, 28 Jul 2003, Dennis Wish wrote:

> What ASCE (although I not familiar with their "POSITION" but understand
> from Scott that they seem to agree with Stan Caldwell) proposes and what
> Stan seems to support would be a shame to those of us who have strived
> hard to become good engineers by working on the application of our
> engineering foundation.

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