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Re: California voted yesterday to adopt NFPA 5000

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NFPA is reporting that this is true.  Below is the text from an internal NFPA memo I copied from a pdf file.

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
ABS Consulting


DATE:  July 29, 2003  
TO:  NFPA Board of Directors  
NFPA Standards Council  
NFPA Building Code Technical Correlating Committee
 and Subcommittees  
NFPA Safety to Life Technical Correlating Committee  
FROM:  Jim Shannon  
President & CEO  
RE:  California Building Code Adoption  

I am pleased to report that the California Building Standards Commission voted on Tuesday to adopt NFPA 5000 and NFPA 1 for the State of California. This adoption is the result of an enormous effort by the staff, our volunteers, members and supporters who helped make the case that NFPA’s consensus process would best serve the interest of the people of California. The adoption will take effect in 2005 after the completion of the state amendment process. NFPA will be working closely with the state agencies to ensure a smooth transition.

"james lane" <engg101(--nospam--at)>

07/30/2003 08:42 AM

Please respond to

California voted yesterday to adopt NFPA 5000

I just talked with Steve Jagger with ICC and he told me they voted yesterday
afternoon to adopt NFPA 5000. Anyone else here anything.


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