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I am looking for good reference/conditions/web site for achieving 'fixed head' condition for piles(group) in
a pile cap( and pile cap design).  This would help in getting more lateral resistance than 'pinned head'
condition (assuming the passive resistance of soil is very small).
The USACE publication( EI 02C097) recommends two criterias. 
1.  The embedment length of piles in the pile cap is 2*(pile dia)
2.  The stiffness of piles should be equal to 10*(stiffness of of the individual piles)
        ( I remember, in one of the engineering magazines last year, there was a discussion about
          this & the authors recommended a ratio of about 5 ? )
The question is, do I have consider both criterias to achieve 'fixed' head condition? 
Is there anything else I need to consider?
I think it is not possible to achieve 'fixed' head condition with only one pile
in a small pile cap.  Any comments?
Any input is greatly appreciated.
Ravi Vasu P.E.

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