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Masonry/Rebar bond stress for lap splice

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Title: Masonry/Rebar bond stress for lap splice

Is there an equation to calculate the masonry bond stress for grout?  I see the 160 psi listed as basis for the lap splice lengths in ACI 530 but can’t find a specific reference for masonry.  The references in ACI 530 are from the 1920’s and 40’s.  Is it an empirical limit?   My problem is a low grout strength (1810 psi). I am concerned with the lap splice length in the wall and want to calculate an actual splice length required for the applied load in the bar. I can’t find a lap splice length equation, other than for concrete, that includes the grout compressive strength.  Building is 1996 BOCA so I have 48 bar diameter splices.  I don’t like the IBC splices as they are too long.  Thanks in advance.

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