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RE: Pancake Breakfasts - Boy I'm hungry

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As indicated in many posts I don't think that anything has been proven to be
illegal or immoral from Stan's actions.

A few questions for those that have jumped Stan for this supposed action.

1) Is this (pancake breakfast) any different than introducing himself to a
potential client?  Other than the obvious expenditure of say maybe the small
cost of the breakfast.  Wow I had better watch out if I buy someone a
lunch??? Is McDonalds ok but AppleBees not... just where is that line at?
What if the pancake breakfast offered frozen waffles in Stan's backyard?

2) If anyone is naive enough to think that at some level they don't
participate in such events then they had better look in a mirror...

Here are some examples of how "human interaction" can influence future

	Example 1: Ever get work done by a friend or past acquaintance
because you knew them and thought you could trust them?  Car work, computer
work, etc.

	Example 2: Ever go back to a good restaurant because they had good
food or service?  Was their nice food or attitude immoral because they were
trying to entice you back for future services or more money (tip)?  Ever tip
a waiter/waitress because they provide good service?

	Example 3: Ever talk to someone hoping they would talk back.  Was
that enticing them to so that they would talk back to you?

	Example 4: Ever advertise some thing for sale or services available
from your business?  Is this not a method of direct solicitation? 

	Example 5: Did you ever send an e-mail soliciting/expecting a

In my mind what Stan did do was :
	1) introduce himself to other people that at some time in the future
may need services that Stan can provide.
	2) Give himself a chance a getting that work soley because someone
knew he could do that work...  Ever have a stranger just walk up to you on
the street and offer you money to provide a structural design??? doubt it...
Why?  Because they don't know you can provide that service...

What he did NOT DO:
	1) Automatically get the next job that official has his hands in
	2) Solicit any illegal activity
	3) Offer any services that he was not qualified to perform.
	4) Did not offer any money to the individuals... At least as far as
I know he didn't give them a breakfast and a check for $xx dollars to insure
future work.

Wow, if introducing myself to a potential client (even if I don't know they
could be a potential client) is immoral then I am in trouble.  I guess the
moral people must be the ones that walk around with their head down ignoring
everyone so they don't accidentally meet a potential client.  Are these the
same ones that cut you off on the highway so that you won't think they are
just being nice to solicit work?  Won't lend you a nickel at lunch time
because that could be seen as favoritism... etc..

Last but not least I would like to thank Stan for voicing his opinion and
not regurgitating it a thousand times (don't think I have seen any reply
e-mails to this topic from him in a while).

My *personal* view,
Greg Effland, P.E.

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