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RE: Pancake Breakfasts - Boy I'm hungry

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Title: RE: Pancake Breakfasts - Boy I'm hungry


Nobody is "trying to shut you up", and you have stated your "OPINION" several times.  From my perspective (and my opinion only) this subject has ceased "being discussed" a long time ago and now appears to be nothing more than people venting their frustration based on some perceived inequity about their own personal life's experiences/opportunities as opposed to a valid observation or knowledge of some perceived or alleged impropriety.

Please, lets drop this subject before more persons let their egos override common decency and professional respect for our fellow engineers.

Thank you
Pat Symons

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From: Gerard Madden, SE [mailto:gmse(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2003 7:17 PM
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Subject: RE: Pancake Breakfasts - Boy I'm hungry

Be disgusted,

Check out his post on 2/18/2003 (Subject: Etiquette). Stan clearly
explains his position and if that's okay with stan then good for him. I
don't agree- that's all. He calls his method "Networking" ... I call it
"a favor for a favor."

Don't try to shut others up-this is America! If we can't discuss stuff
openly among ourselves, then why have this list? We don't always need to
agree and praise one another- I am 100% sure that Stan has lost not 1
second of sleep based on my comments.

santa clara, ca

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From: Scott Maxwell [mailto:smaxwell(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2003 6:26 PM
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Subject: RE: Pancake Breakfasts - Boy I'm hungry

To all:

May I suggest that we drop this topic, as I find the inferences
within it to be rather "low".  While it may be me being overly
but I find the inferred implications that Stan participates in
fund-raising activities solely in order to get his company more jobs,
to be rather disgusting (and maybe I am missing the point of some
intent in their posts...if so, please forgive me...but my percieved
direction of this thread bothers me).  While I might disagree with Stan
many issues (and not just political issues), I have yet to see any
evidence that Stan is anything less than honorable or ethical.

And to those that don't really like "Pancake breakfasts" (i.e. think
they are wrong), then I suggest that you NEVER attend an ASCE or SEA
(SEAOC or what ever your local SEA organization is) dinner meeting
Heaven forbid that you attend one of these dinner meetings of people who
share some sort of "like mind" with you and "network" with someone who
might be in a position somewhere in the future to toss some business

Again, I apologize in advance if it appears that I putting words into
people's mouths that they did not intend, but I thought that a thread
at least in a very indirect way appears to be a (unwarranted) personal
attack on an individual should stop.

BTW, both "sides" of the political spectrum should be used to a small
minority that controls things deciding public policy against the
overwhelming wishes of the "masses".  Recent examples would seem to be a
Democratic minority (that some would imply are in the "pockets" of
unions) that controls the code adoption process adopting the NFPA over
overwhelming desire by many for the IBC and the Republican minority
some would imply are in the "pockets" of big media business) that
the FCC in adopting looser media consolidation limits against an
overwhelming public opposition to looser limits.


Ypsilanti, MI


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