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Due to all of the negativity on the list lately, I wanted to go out on
Friday on a positive.

I want to thank the 10+ personal repsonses I recieved recently regarding CMU
block properties. I found some wonderful information I think others may want
to know about if it has not been posted already:

Click on the following link and follow the links (state then local
manufacturer) to the online NCMA TEK manual.

These notes have tons of info overall on CMU so it is worth a look if you
have never been there.

I enjoy all of the discussions from the technical to the political, and
everyone is free to talk about whatever they want. I feel it is getting a
bit personal which really isn't productive from a structural engineering
perspective, but I am in no way trying to prevent others from voicing their
own opinions. I think people should keep in mind this is a faceless
discussion group, and that you should maybe not say anything you would
otherwise not say to someone's face. Maybe you would, just saying think
twice before you write something....

Thanks again to all who post and email and help each other. I feel like I
have found a great network in this list. I am a young engineer and I feel
the best way to learn is from more experienced engineers. To have so many
brains from all over the world that I can pick, it is really great.

Again, I am but a 28 year old EI with some humble opinions....

Andrew Kester, EI
Longwood, FL

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