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RE: Shame, shame, shame

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I think I understand that this was sarcastic, but I am uncertain I am correct. That leads me to believe others may also be uncertain, and I can assure you there are people who are absolutely certain you are being sarcastic, and other who are absolutely certain you are 100% serious. So please help me out (I am a little slow). Always remember those subtle voice inflections and body language we so depend on in real life are not present in e-mail. I suggest the format:


</sarcasm on>


</sarcasm off>


This is standard practice is most discussion groups, as sarcasm is a legitimate literary device (ask Jonathan Swift). Silly as this sounds, it really helps promote more reasonable discussion.


Eric Green


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Subject: Shame, shame, shame


Geez Stan, what a low life you are:  politician briber, probably kickbacks too, immoral, unethical, backslapping, arrogant son of a gun.  I bet you must sway all of your calculations and designs to be cheap and below standard for your commercial clients, and you probably overdesign those government jobs on purpose, with your extra high (wink, wink) fees, so that you can get a kickback from your contractor buddies that probably built your house for free where your overpaid children grew up and where your wife lives that you probably snaked away from your best friend in college, where you kick your dog and take candy from children and pull wings off flies.


Glenn C. Otto, P.E.


Virginia Beach, VA