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autocad failure

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My AutoCAD 2000i failed to find file ACIST15.DLL during start up.  I rushed
to my second computer with a CD job file to finish a project.

The problem is that my updated antiviral program blew up my AutoCAD 2000i.
Autodesk has a down-loadable fix-it file so that one does not have to
upgrade to windows XP.

Autodesk's 1st answer was that my Windows ME had a faulty long-name method
for files and folders. I was to fix that by shortening some names by adding
a ~1 to the end of the names I was to cut off. This is done in the
autoexec.bat file. That did not work. So I then knew I had to switch to
Windows XP. XP handles true long-names.

XP installation stopped and reported that AutoCAD plot style program will
not work with XP. This was listed along with over ten other programs. The
list included my antiviral program and my adobe acrobat. I looked up
autodesk for a down-load and accidentally found a new fix for the original
failure. How was I to remove my anivirus and still upgrade my windows that
needs to go onto the internet?

A week later I am back to my home desk with Windows Me. My back up computer
runs on XP, but it is so slow running explorer, I don't know why, it some
times takes up to 3 minuets to finished listing a file folder. A more stable
program but too slow for me. I use the XP for book keeping it is not on the

During my week on it, I temporarily hooked it up to the net and boom I was
hit by a virus or they were already on the thing. Emails were flying out on
my high speed cable. As I updated the antivirus program, hundreds of emails
were being sent out or eaten up by my out-dated antivirus program. All
battle dust has settled and the XP is again disconnected. Computer are
living things if one is not actively exposing it to the web and updating
virus reports it might die. A computer in a box may not be up to date to
handle the new virus world.

I read that the latest nasty virus was to target a porno site. It seems that
someone thought that they would make my life better by stopping another perv
with little regard for the innocent.

David Merrick, SE

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