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Typical axial load ratios for concrete low-aspect ratio shear walls

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I'm currently preparing a research program with Los Alamos
National Laboratory on lateral performance of low aspect
ratio R/C shear walls, and I'm trying to get a feel for
typical axial load ratios for low aspect ratio (H:L < 1:1)
shear walls.  We are completing a study under zero axial
load and want to examine the influence of axial load on
the performance parameters of interest.

What experience can anyone share with me regarding axial
load ratios you have encountered?  How close are they
typically to the ACI allowable limits?

Thanks for your help.  If I don't reply to a question, I may
have fallen off of the list server again (I had to re-add myself
for this question), so feel free to email me directly.

Charley Hamilton

Charles Hamilton, PhD EIT               Faculty Fellow
Department of Civil and                 Phone: 949.824.3752
    Environmental Engineering           FAX:   949.824.2117
University of California, Irvine        Email: chamilto(--nospam--at)

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