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RE: ASCE 7 wind speeds

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There are 35 members of the ASCE 7 Task Committee on Wind Loads.  As with
any other committee there are those that know and those that do not.  Larry
Griffis is the Chairman.  Jack Cermak and Jon Peterka have generally been
major contributors on wind velocity maps.  

There was a similar kind of paper published in a "Science" journal some time
ago postulating that the earthquake probabilities were overestimated in the
Memphis area.  They presented their findings to a BSSC conference.  Then the
counter arguments were presented by Art Frankel, E.V. Leyendecker and Ron
Hamburger.  The published paper had no merit.  The published paper had
several major problems that would have been discovered in the peer review
had the paper been published in something like the EERI journal Spectra.  

I am curious as to why this article on wind was published in the J. of
Structural Engineering as opposed to the J. of Wind Engineering and
Industrial Aerodynamics.  Before I would subscribe to increasing the wind
loads, I would like to see a review by someone like Jon Peterka.

Harold O. Sprague

Dave Evans wrote:

. > A paper in the April 2003 issue of the ASCE J. of Structural Engineering

. > concludes that the current ASCE 7 wind map significantly 
. > overestimates wind loads in some areas of the US and underestimates 
. > it in others.  Does anyone know if the map is going to be revised and,
. > so, who is in charge of the revision process?  I'm interested in any 
. > possible changes in the map for the northeast corner of Maine.

. > Thanks,
. > David Evans, P.E.
. > TNH, Inc.

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