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Re: Field Fixes

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I have another question regarding steel connection. 
What if the entire building used bolted connection, 
is it OK for the contractor to field cut and field weld
one end? 

John Sieszycki <jsieszycki(--nospam--at)> wrote:
It seems to me you deal with some ugly contractors.
Field weld should not be a problem. If it was shear
tab or double angle connection, just be sure the beam
web will be grinded. If it was end plate - replace by
double clip angle. Weld should be able to carry the
same load as original connection.
A word about shear tab. For connection not to be to
rigid, horizontal welds should be limited.

John W. Sieszycki, P.E.

--- Michael Bryson wrote:
> A common thing that happens in the field is that the
> steel doesn't quite
> fit or is misaligned. The contractor then asks if it
> is OK to just cut
> or trim a beam and then weld it back to fit. Since
> this is done all the
> time I shouldn't have any problems with it.
> However, are there any special welding procedures
> required if you flame
> cut a beam and then weld it back?

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