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RE: Fireproofing

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Look at the IBC or NFPA occupancy ratings types of construction for required
area separation  and required fire-resistance.

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Sent: Saturday, August 30, 2003 10:07 PM
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Subject: RE: Fireproofing

Does any one know when is the structure steel building required
fireproofing?  Couple years ago I designed an building consist of concrete
over metal deck and supported by metal joists.  The metal joist rested on
steel beam.  I assumed that the steels required fireproofing, but it's not.
I don't know why it's not required fireproofing?  

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I thought I've seen fireproofing weighing anywhere from 15 pcf up to 40 pcf
(Grace FP Products).  Assuming a W18x35, surface area (minus top of top
flange) = 4.34 sf/ft (AISC Manual).  For each inch of FP, weight of FP = 5.5
plf to 14.5 plf.  Depending on how much FP, average weight is probably at
most in the 2 to 3 psf range and I generally lump that into the
"Miscellaneous" load.  Special situations might require a closer look.


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Subject: Re: Fireproofing


practically zero.  If the spray on fire protection is more than two or three
pounds per linear foot on a 24" beam I would be surprised.  Typically spray
on is accounted for in the miscellaneous loading.  If the spray on is a
factor in the beam design, you are cutting things way too close. :-)



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Subject: Fireproofing


Anybody got a good rule of thumb uniform dead load for sprayed on
fireproofing of steel beams?


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