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English is tough

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"Unfortunately,  engineering schools put a very low premium on teaching
engineers to speak and write correctly.  Which is one reason engineers get
very little respect.

Gail Kelley"

Sorry to be a jerk, but I believe the last sentence is a sentence fragment.
That is why if I ever write about correct English, I quadruple check
everything I say, or rather, I do not say anything about it. The fact is,
even those who are very well educated in the language still make basic
mistakes. I have been married to a foreign person for 4 years, and I have
studied a couple of languages, and this has made me realize how difficult
our language is and how little we understand it. She knows the rules of
English and the mechanics better then I (not "me"). I think I understand the
basic mechanics of Spanish better then English (especially pronunciation).
We can use English, but do we understand it (like electricity)? Who doesn't
occasionally use the objective pronoun instead of the subjective, or use
double negatives, or write "affect" when they meant "effect". I cut everyone
slack since my house has lots of glass in it and I am not throwing any

But I do not believe this is systematic only with engineers, my doctor and
lawyer friends make silly mistakes also. I agree with Gail though it is
something with our language training in school.


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