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RE: Wood screws

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I like to use wax. Wax repels water.

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Bar soap. 

"Nels Roselund, SE" wrote: 

1.  The 1997 NDS gives pilot hole sizes for wood screws, one size for the
unthreaded shank portion of the screw and one size for the threaded portion.
This is often done with a step-drill.  I have a contractor who wants to
install the screw into a tapered pilot hole.  Is there an taper drill
configuration that will provide an installation that is equivalent to using
a step-drilled pilot hole? 2.  Don't laugh at this question -- I really want
to know.  The NDS provides for using soap as a lubricant to facilitate
installation of wood screws.  What kind of soap is used?  Bar soap?  Soft
soap?  Soapy water?  How about antibacterial Softsoap?  Is detergent
acceptable? Nels Roselund 
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South San Gabriel, CA 
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