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Providing Certification

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Hi everyone,

While I'm waiting for CA BOPELS to reply to my query, I'd like to toss
it out for your experienced opinions:

The company I'm employed with manufactures modular buildings.  We do our
own in-house design work for which I'm the EOR.  We have built and
shipped a partially complete small building to a city in CA, to be
inspected on site.  We purposely left most of the shear panels and
coverings loose or unfinished to allow such inspection.  But there are
some minor areas that are not visible to the field inspector.  Therefore
they are asking for a "certification" that we have built the structure
thus far in accordance with the plans and specifications, with my stamp
and signature.

Here's the dilemma - I'm the engineer of record, but I'm not in
"responsible charge" of the manufacturing process, nor did I engage in
"supervision of the construction" except where a change occurred.
Therefore I did no inspections during construction.  What options do I
have to certify the construction?

We do have an internal QC process, which consists of the supervisor's
signature that the various phases were completed IAW our drawings.  Can
I rely on this?  I personally have a high level of confidence in their
work, but I don't know that we've taken the proper steps to provide a
"certification", since we didn't set up my "supervision" on this job.


Ed Tornberg, PE 
Blazer Industries, Inc. 
Aumsville, OR

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