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Re: Certification

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Thanks for your suggestions.  We usually have state or 3rd party
inspectors in-plant, which is why I never get involved with inspection.
This particular project was a strange one-of-a kind.


The idea typically in the code is that you want the government or an
independent third party inspector verify code compliance and not the
builder, unless the building official has given the fabricator approved
fabricator status.  Having a fabricator certification [AISC or ICC
makes it alot easier for building department to justify an approved
fabricator status and not require special inspections. The building
department can more easily grant an approved fabricator status if the
fabricator has a certification from a agency like ICC or AISC etc...
having to review the fabricator's quality control program.  See 2000 IBC

The code also typically requires that work must to be exposed until  it
inspected by the juridiction and that the jurisdiction is not
for the cost of removing material to allow inspection.  The building
official has the juice to accept third party inspection reports in leiu
municipal inspection.  See 2000 IBC 109.4, 109.1 and 109.6.

IBC 1704.2.2 Fabricator approval.  Special inspections required by this
are not required where the work is done on the premises of an approved
fabricator registered and approved to perform such work without special
inspection.  Approval shall be based upon the review of the fabricator's
written procedural and quality control manuals and periodic auditing of
fabrication practices by an approved special inspection agency.  At the
completion of the fabrication, the approved fabricator shall submit a
certificate of compliance to the building official stating that the work
performed in accordance with the approved construction documents.

For this project, I would provide a written request to the Building
that building be allowed providing that the municipal inspectors inspect
clearly visible portions and that they only spot check closed areas for
compliance with approved plans, and only continue removing coverings if
discrepancies are uncovered.  In the future get an ICC certification or
approval from the Building Offical to use third party inspectors and
thier reports or try to get an approved fabricator status for the
juridiction as outlined in the code.


Scott M. Haan P.E. 
Chief of Building Inspections
Municipality of Anchorage
Development Services  Department

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