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Re: Seminars and English

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I don't think it is necessary to have a consensus on seminars (because there wouldn't be one.)   But it is useful to get input from people about what they want.  

With respect to cost,  anything less than $150 probably has to be subsidized by something or somebody like a trade group or a software company.  

>From looking at various seminar organizations,  it seems like  $295 is about what people will pay for a one day seminar.  Even that probably does not cover the cost of developing the seminar, unless it is something that can be repeated a lot.  Like weekly.  Most people who do seminars do it partly as a hobby - you get to stand up in front of people who have paid to hear you talk.

With respect to English - fragments are actually acceptable in communication (like e-mail.)   I.e. "What a nice day."  It makes the communication more interesting.  There are different rules for different forms of communication; fragments should not be used in a text book, for example.

Poor English has become institutionalized in the structural engineering field, however.  The concrete textbook used by most engineering schools (written by a "distinguished professor" at Rutgers) has a grammatical error on almost every page.  It has a technical error on about every other page.  

Not to show any prejudice - the steel industry publications are just as bad.  There is a parking garage publication on the AISC web page that looks like it was written by an eighth grader.

Most structural engineering concepts are not difficult.  A badly written textbook can make even the simplest concept impossible to understand.

Gail Kelley

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