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Re: Seminars and English

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Not to further complicate the issue, but the intent of the sentance is
also somewhat dependent on what is being used as the definition of
"high-quality concrete".  Does that mean the concrete material only (i.e.
the cement, the aggregate, the water, and the add mixtures) excluding the
process of placing, finishing, and curing?  Or does that mean the whole
"concreting process" to achieve the final in place concrete, which would
include placing, finishing, and curing?  In otherword, using high-quality
concrete materials WITHOUT proper attention to placing, finishing, or
curing will likely still result in potential problems.  Such would then
constitute a case of not taking care in the use of "high-quality
concrete" (i.e. the materials were good but the use/application of the
material was not).  If it is the later definition, then that would be in
line with what Charley believes is the intent (i.e. the failure to use
high-quality materials PLUS good construction processes will prevent
potential slab problems).

But, then the above had nothing really to do with grammar, but more with
the context of the sentence in the rest of the information.


Ypsilanti, MI

On Thu, 4 Sep 2003, Charley Hamilton wrote:

> I believe the sentence was intended to mean that even if all
> other precautions are taken, failure to use high-quality
> concrete will result in parking deck problems.  However,
> making the sentence gramatically correct, as suggested above,
> would cause the sentence to state that care in the use of
> high-quality concrete would prevent the parking deck problems,
> therefore implying that careless use of high-quality concrete
> would result in slab problems.  This is somewhat different from
> the intended meaning that care should be taken to use
> high-quality concrete.

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