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AISC Fire Protection Design Guide

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I am glad to hear that AISC is developing a design guide for fire
protection. This is one of the most difficult subjects to get a handle
on. (Or, on which to get a handle, for our English monitors). A big part
of the problem is the lack of clarity in the UL Fire Resistance

Just recently, on one of my projects I had an architect tell me
something that a representative of one of the largest suppliers of
sprayed-on fireproofing had said that was dead wrong. Fortunately, I had
a Modern Steel Construction article in my files that contained some good
information and settled the question.  The key sentence, in the April
2002 MSC article by Ruddy and Ioannides, said:  "However, a 1 hour
unrestrained beam rating is an acceptable component of a 2-hour
restrained assembly rating..."  

Something as counterintuitive as this would have been hard to prove
without the MSC article as backup. There have been several good MSC
articles on this subject over the last few years that have helped to
clarify this subject, but there are still numerous gray areas. I am
hoping AISC will make the subject crystal clear for all of us once and
for all!

Rick Burch
Columbia, SC

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