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Re: Seminars and English

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As you point out, the authors of the document in question were paid to write it by SSEC.  It is, however, on the AISC web site.

I would be very interested in having your mother explain what the sentence in question means:

"In building a slab system, if care is used in all steps except the use of high-quality concrete, the parking deck slab will present a problem."

I think the entire document is embarrassingly bad.  Maybe I am just not smart enough to understand it. Maybe your mother can explain it to me.  For example, in this sentence - what "steps" are being referred to?  Is "use of high-quality concrete" a "step"?

If you take out the modifier you have:
"In building a slab system, the parking deck slab will present a problem."

What does this mean?  How does a parking deck slab "present a problem"?

With respect to my own writing - I am of the opinion that fragments are acceptable in e-mail because as conversation, it is not held to the same standards as published documents.  But that is just an opinion.

And if I were being paid to write this, I would be very careful with my verb tenses.  But I would like to know how I misused a semi-colon.

Gail Kelley

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