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RE: English is tough but its "grammer" is even tougher

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Who takes the time to proof read email to an informal discussion group over
the internet? 

One only has to look at any forum, BBS, instant messaging, IRC, or
newsgroups to see that correct grammar and spelling is the last thing on
everyone's mind. :P

Is the emoticon above correctly used in it's sentence?

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Subject: English is tough but its "grammer" is even tougher

English looks very tough and its "grammer" seems even tougher. I do not mean
the "grammer" as the "grammar" but the "grammer" 
as a non-traditional spelling of the word "grammar" introduced 
by Scott Maxwell in his two messages of 2 Sep 2003 devoted to 
better English for engineers.  Thanks!!

The following is the list of this and other upgrading of the 
English Spelling in those messages: "grammer" (4 times), 
"intented", "otherwords", "momuments", "techinical" (2 times), 
"sophmore", "sypathize", and "sentances". 

One of the Scott's messages was addressed to Alden Manipula 
who also engaged non-traditional "sentace", "sentances", 
"ridiculouos", and "legelese" in his response.

Gail Kelley who, actually, started the discussion on 
engineering schools that "put a very low premium on teaching 
engineers to speak and write correctly. which is one reason 
engineers get very little respect", used only one irregular 
word "polical" in the short message of 31 Aug 2003 against my 
usage of the word-combination "aspired position".

However, my search in Google for the word-combination "aspired 
position" resulted in 29600 entries.  It is widely used in 
different personnel questionnaires and human recourses related 

What a pity!

Write safely,

Valentin Shustov, Ph.D., P.E.

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Subject: Advance Degrees and Structural Engineering 

I agree with Dennis Wish on the necessity of educating people, 
primarily, of U.S. for the structural engineering and other 
similar jobs rather than using cheap foreign brains and 
skills. However, I am skeptical about a possibility of any 
dramatic improvement in this direction unless the following 
improvements in the upper branches of government take place: 

Any aspirant for the U.S. presidency or for a gubernatorial 
position in states like California should:

1. Pass an IQ test. 
2. Be licensed (like, e.g., CE or SE) for the aspired 


Valentin Shustov

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