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> The point of my previous posts was to express my opinion that one of the reasons most engineers do not write well is that many of them only read engineering literature.

Not true.

> A lot of engineering literature, .... , is extremely badly written.

Engineers are not the only bad writers in this world.  Try medical doctors.  Their journals use words that don't exist, even in the medical vocabulary.  (Those words can't be defined in context and are not unintentionl misspellings.)  Try lawyers. Scientists.  Politicians.  Even MBAs.

>Many engineers cannot even tell when something is badly 
>written, because that is all they read.  

I disagree, Engineers do have lives and interests in other things besides engineering.  Besides, I've seen more that my share of well written draft get spun into something uncomprehensible by others.  That's life.

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