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Fwd: Buildings Collapse

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Dear List members:

Please respond to the student directly if you can help her.


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Subject: Buildings Collapse
Date: Sat, 06 Sep 2003 00:54:50 +0000
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My name is Grisel and I'm from a high school here in Puerto Rico.  I'm doing a science fair project called "What goes up, doesn't go down" and while i was looking info on the web, i saw you're website and wanted to ask u a few things if u're ok with it.
For my proyect, i will construct a model of a building that on the top will have some sort of pendulum that will help balance the building in case of an earthquake.
Ok, here's the thing....apparently u know a lot of info about buildings and how they collapse..and i could really use you're help...but only if u can.....
Do u think that my project could work out?  I really would like to know all i can about it cause i wanna win anything i can with this....i'm a senior so i could really use the extra credit for any college application.
Please reply this message even if u don't really wanna help me......
thanx anyways...

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