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RE: Enlarging a footing

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I thought about this as well as one solution. My main concern would be cracking of the existing footing with a small bearing area on the new concrete and then cracking of the new projection under the existing. But if done continuously, the loads may be small enough. With the soil underneath, its more of a crushing effect than a bending of the projection, which would seem to make this idea more practical – this may work.





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Monday, September 08, 2003 1:37 PM
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Instead of developing shear into the sides of the existing footing, how about making the new footings a few inches deeper [say 6"] than the existing, with a small continuous projection [say 1-1/2"] under the edges of the existing.  You would still need dowels into or through the existing footing to develop the moment due to the extension, but the surface preparation on the sides could be avoided.


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