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Re: Lubricating Wood screws (Re-Post)

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Roger -

I can't say for certain, but I would personally disallow
liquid soaps of any type, on the grounds that the liquid
content may adversely affect the wood grain (swelling,
attract bugs, etc).  If the contractor *wants* to use
something else, ask them to show that it's safe.

Just my $0.02, and no real experience with liquid
soaps/detergents to back it up.

I found the following on the web.  Although I haven't
done the chemistry, it might have some merit.  I've never
seen it happen, though.  I (like almost everyone else,
it seems) use ivory.

Sliding the screw threads over bee's wax will ease the
job of driving the screw all the way home. Since most
screws are made of brass or steel, it is important not
to use soap as a lubricant. The soap's caustic compounds
can cause the screw to eventually deteriorate.

Charley Hamilton

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