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RE: Article from the Chicago Sun-Times

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>As we all know one of the largest
>buildings in the world at the time,
>the Chicago Convention Center burned
>completely down about 20 yrs. ago due
>to the fact that the fire
>sprinklers did not operate.

With apologies for doubling up on my reply postings, apparently the
statement above is not true. The following is from the Chicago Public
Library web site:

"A number of factors contributed to the [McCormick Center] catastrophe. Most
of these would have been sufficient by themselves to cause great
destruction. The 1,250 exhibits were constructed of highly flammable wood,
paper and plastic. The temporary wiring used to rig exhibits was often not
up to the building code. 92% of the building, including the exhibition hall,
did not have sprinklers. The water supply failed almost immediately upon the
firefighters' arrival. McCormick Place's private hydrants were closed and
never reopened after construction on the Stevenson Expressway, and the
private pumping system was defective and inadequate. The fire spread was
very rapid due to the lack of compartmentalization, the large amount of
fuel, and lack of means of suppression. The unprotected steel roof trusses
failed early on in the fire due to the same factors. "

More here:

Certainly this is not a case of sprinkler system failure. Sounds to me like
brutal violation of the building code requirements for fire safety in


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