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RE: Request for Earthquake References

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First you should go to the BSSC web site and download the NEHRP Provisions
and Commentary (FEMA 368 & FEMA 369).  This stuff is free.
There is supposed to be an applications manual out some time for the NEHRP.

FEMA has a ton of very good information on seismic design.  Go to the BSSC
web site and click on Publications for a bunch of very good free

By the way, the Canadian National Committee on Earthquake Engineering is a
member of the BSSC.

Next I would advise you obtain Farzad Naeim's book, "The Seismic Handbook."

Harold O. Sprague

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Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2003 10:44 AM
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Subject: Request for Earthquake References

I'd like to ask the list's assistance for the following:  I am 
writing to the National Research Council of Canada (which produces 
our National Building Code) to complain about some of the earthquake 
provisions and request clarification of them.

As one from an area of low seismic activity and, being seismically 
challenged, I would like to obtain a list of references on EQ design, 
preferably those with lots of design examples to either reinforce my 
arguments or show me the error of my ways.

As a sole practitioner, I am not involved in any skyscrapers but more 
often single or multi-unit residential units, small and medium 
buildings (with and without crane structures) and storage racks.  
Perhaps limiting the size of the structure will narrow down the range 
of references and limit expenses.  In the past, I have seen reference 
to the SEOC blue book and a book (review manual) by Ben Yousefi.

Before I spend any money on publications with which I'm unfamiliar, I 
would appreciate people's input.  Because we work with different 
codes than the US, it is important to find publications with design 
examples so I can, hopefully, translate them to Canadian 

Gary Hodgson, P.Eng.
Niagara Falls, ON

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