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RE: Infilling Openings in Existing Masonry Walls

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Careful here........
By infilling a wall and grouting it solid you are changing the stiffness of the vertical resisting element......if diaphragms are rigid, this may change center of ridigity, center of mass & the stress / load distribution throughout......most people then to think I'm adding more stiffness / mass....good thing....well maybe not.....if the building's not properly detailed / designed for the changed load almost starts a total "building analysis" know what your working maybe it's not an issue.....
Could always dowel in / leave expansion joint material to try and isolate the stiffness...
Robert C. Rogers, PE
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Subject: Infilling Openings in Existing Masonry Walls

I am currently working on a remodel project which requires closing some existing openings in a masonry wall. Of course, I want to do this with studs and gyp. Board, but the architect wants to do this in CMU. Call me crazy, but I want to drill and grout dowels around the perimeter of the existing opening in order to transfer shear forces from the infill to the existing. However, once I do, I can’t get in all of the blocks to close the openings.


How does everyone else solve this problem? This can’t be the first time an architect wanted to close an existing opening with CMU. Is it?




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