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RE: H and J joists

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In the mid to late 70's Vulcraft was coming on strong. The Nucor mills were
the first ones to dual certify steel.  Most Vulcraft plants did not want to
mess with stocks of 36 and 50 grade steel.  Engineers were hesitant to
specify "new" 50 grade H joists.  Some plants constructed all of their
joists out of 50 grade steel but still certified them as J joists.  Even if
Vulcraft can't find their files, they should know by the tag ID if they were
shipped as H or J joists.  

Call the Vulcraft engineering department, and ask for the oldest engineer
they have.  You might also call Walt Schultz at the Norfolk, Nebraska plant.
He might be able to help you de-code the tag.

Harold O. Sprague

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Does anyone have any information on the time period for the transition
of H joists to J joists.  looking at the SJI 50-Year Steel Joist Digest
and conversations with a local distributor on joists leads me to believe
that H and J joists were built concurrently until 1978 when they were
superseded by K joists.  The project is in Anchorage, Alaska and I am
trying to determine the live load capacity of the mezzanine for the
building done in the early 1970's.  There are joists tags but the
manufacturer (Vulcraft) could not find information in their files.

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