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Wood Creep

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Anybody know of the relationship between wood creep and the species of wood?   Is creep based on Modulus of Elasticity or something else.    I have a long span glu-lam beam (46 ft long) that is Alaska Yellow Cedar.  This beam is protected from direct rain (wind might cause rain to hit the beam) and it is located outside and in always sunny Portland, Oregon (FYI, it is raining very hard outside right now).    I planned/designed for a camber of 1.5 times the dead load deflection to account for some creep but the actual creep after one year is about 1 1/2 times the calculated dead load deflection.    The camber was there originally (although it wasn't measured) and the beam wasn't installed upside down.   The gutters that once drained water now don't based on the deflection.     Is creep different for Cedar compared to Douglas Fir besides in the value for Modulus of Elasticity?
Peder Golberg, S.E., P.E.
Portland, Oregon

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