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RE: elevators

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I would suggest getting the preliminary elevator cut sheets from the architect. You will need the size, capacity and speed of the elevator. With that info. you can contact several elevator manufacturers. Otis has a website where you can look up the loads and dimensions directly. I think that it is always better, however, to make a phone contact with the manufacturer since there may be special situations which may require their input.  

Recently Otis has switched from furnishing machine beams to requiring a poured slab (10,12 or 14") to support their machines. They have design criteria on their website.

I hope this helps.

Jim K.

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Subject: elevators

I'm doing preliminary design work on a 5-story structure.  It will have a
traction (cable) elevator, which hasn't been designed yet.

Does anyone have any rules-of-thumb for preliminary elevator loads so I can
get rough sizes?  Maybe something based on square feet of elevator floor and
total number of floors?

Jason Kilgore
Leigh & O'Kane, L.L.C.

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