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RE: Repairing Older Concrete

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A lot of bad repairs have been done to concrete in the past.  Learn what has worked and what has not worked.  Concrete repair is not that difficult, but it is easy to get wrong.


Some suggestions:

Subscribe to the Concrete Repair Bulletin.  Check out and get their Concrete Repair Manual and look at their Technical Guidelines. 


Check out:  


Sika has a lot of good information as well at:


Get the attached Corps of Engineers document: Engineering and Design - Evaluation and Repair of Concrete Structures at:


And check out the tech notes and bulletins at:

Harold O. Sprague

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From: Dave Adams [mailto:davea(--nospam--at)]
Wednesday, September 17, 2003 4:52 PM
Subject: Repairing Older Concrete


Hello all,


We did an investigation in the past where an existing concrete column had some fairly severe damage due to fork lift traffic, but our work was called off because the Owner made other arrangements for facilities and a new building.  We will be doing another investigation here shortly that may involve the same type of concrete column damage.  I've got my hands on all the references I need, but I'd like to solicit some practical advice from those on the list who have dealt with this, including issues such as shrinkage, prep work, curing, etc.



Dave K. Adams, S.E.

Lane Engineers, Inc.

Tulare, CA