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Re: Delaware Association of Professional Engineers

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I can accept a provision where a predetermined number of years of proven experience will qualify as experience to allow the candidate to apply for and take the professional exams, but that is it.  Automatic licensure is not appropriate or good for the profession.
No offense to our Academic colleagues, but there is a world of difference between academics and professional design.  As someone (I think it was Neil) pointed out some time back, one of the major strengths of the Academic program where I went to school was that a large part of the faculty are not only licensed, but licensed SE's. 
As someone once described to me, the difference between a PhD and an SE is the PhD knows everything about their thesis subject, an SE has to have a full working knowledge of all the materials and systems.  I am all for higher education and extended learning.  My view is that the true professional engineer studies and expands his knowledge just as diligently as those who choose an academic career track, as exemplified by so many who participate on this list.   Many of the engineers I have been privileged to be associated with would easily qualify for a PhD on several subjects, but that is not the career path they selected.
How many times have we heard the complaint that a new-hire masters graduate knows sixteen ways to analyze a beam, but can't put a building system together.  I am not saying either career path is more or less important than the other, it's just that they are different and being accomplished in one area does not automatically qualify you for the other. 
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From the DAPE Summer 2003 News Letter ? ?Is Licensure by Eminence for Academicians a prudent Consideration??




?Why don?t they (academicians) simply take the exams like the rest of us?  Good Question. However, the exams we took were nationally normed tests that task force studies determined were a relevant indication of the minimum competency qualification in our particular field?the tests are?simply not relevant to their?background and experience.?


So the folks educating engineers don?t have a background of experience that is relevant to practicing engineers???


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