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3x framing for "shear design values" greater than 350 plf?

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I have a couple of questions on International Building Code [IBC] Table
2306.4.1 footnote i.  Footnote i indicates:"In Seismic Design Category D, E
or F, where shear design values exceed ...350 plf (ASD)  all framing
recieving edge nailing from abutting panel edges shall not be less than a
single 3-inch nominal member..."

1)  Does the "shear design values" refer to the values in the Table 2306.4.1
or the unit shear load in the wall?  If the load is 350 plf and the
allowable unit shear from Table 2306.4.1 is 400 can the wall have 2x studs
at abutting panel joints?

2)  If panel is applied to each wall face can 2x framing be used if "shear
design values" are less than 350 plf on each face and the panel joints are
offset per footnote h?   Is 3x framing required if the nailing pattern on
each face has an allowable unit shear of 349 plf [total allowable unit shear
is 698 plf] and the panel joints are offset on different framing members on
opposite sides of the wall?


Scott M. Haan P.E. 
Chief of Building Inspections
Municipality of Anchorage
Development Services  Department
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