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Re: Repairing Older Concrete

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In general,  I would say it is hard to learn how to do concrete repair by reading.  

Most of the articles in the ICRI Concrete Repair Bulletin are simply promoting someone's product or service (sacrificial anodes, hydrodemolition, etc.).  Almost all are badly written and tend to leave out some useful information (like potential problems.)   But I must admit, I did like my own article from July a year ago about quality control (lack thereof) in repair work.

With respect to comments by others, feather-edging of patching is definitely a no-no on top-side slab repairs, because traffic over the patch edge will crack the edge.  It is less of a concern with vertical repairs.  I would probably require the lower edge of a vertical patch be cut vertical, but wouldn't worry too much about the sides and top edge.  The most important thing is to have a sound substrate.

Gail Kelley