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RE: City of Los Angeles hillside ordinance

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Please see below.

> Are you referring to the exception of Paragraph 1666.6 in 
> which Secondary
> anchors are not required if stem walls at 30 ft. max engage 70% of the
> diaphragm depth?  I don't see a similar exception for Primary 
> anchors.  [I'm
> working with the 1998 CA Building Code, so I may be missing 
> something in a
> later edition].  It does not make sense to me that there 
> would be a similar
> exception for Primary anchors because of the need to have a 
> complete Load
> path to the foundation; that complete load path is provided by the
> Primary-Anchor/Stem-Wall assembly.

My appologies, I was going from memory. You are correct.

> For the exception to make sense, the Uphill Foundation would 
> need to be
> designed to resist sliding and overturning in the downhill 
> direction due to
> the loads from the Secondary Anchors.  I guess this would be 
> possible, but
> it would be an unconventional system.

Yes, and this is exactly what we are required to do. The primary anchors and
struts are designed to carry the entire tributary load to the uphill
foundation. The foundation must be designed for those forces. Now, why would
I need a concrete, masonry or other permitted lateral-force- resisting
element below the strut, If the strut is designed to carry the load to the
uphill foundation, and the foundation is designed to resist that load.
That's where I am confused.

Oshin Tosounian, S.E.
Los Angeles, CA

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