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Re: High slump mix design

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The short answer is "yes". Probably the long answer is "yes". The correct answer is, "Do you want to have your question answered or do you want architecturally exposed columns and walls?"

I assume you are in California and dealing with earthquake designs. My father has worked in that area as an architectural concrete consultant since 1963. I have worked with him since 1977. Your question, answered by itself, will not necessarily get you the columns and walls you want. Your real solution is quite a bit more involved.

The correct solution to your problem probably involves a combination of larger section thickness, bundling of reinforcing steel, the use of preplaced aggregate or a self compacting concrete mixture (not just achieved with water or superplasticizer), the use of form vibrators and about a half dozen other techniques.

If you want just the quick answer, I wish you luck. If you want the correct answer, contact us or another architectural concrete professional. I can refer you to someone in your area.

Jay Shilstone

At 02:43 PM 9/22/03, you wrote:
Slump = 9.5"
3/8" pea gravel

This is for heavily congested with rebar and architecturally exposed columns and walls. I have already told the architect that 3/8" max aggregate will cause extra shrinkage cracking.

Is there a higher potential for honeycombing with a 1" max aggregate and 6" slump?

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