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RE: City of Los Angeles hillside ordinance

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I am not talking about an unconventional hillside building. Lets say we have
a two story house with the base diaphragm at street level, one story above
and one below the street. The foundation is a grade beam/pile system. There
is a grade beam normal to the slope at the street level at the front and one
at the bottom of the slope. There are sloping grade beams in the downhill

Now if my primary strut, say at the exterior wall, is at the base diaphragm
level and is anchored to the uphill foundation (which is where the diaphragm
meets the grade beam at the street level), and this strut anchorage is
designed for the lateral load tributary to the strut, including any shear
from the wall above, why would I need to fill in the triangular space
between the base diaphragm and the sloping grade beam with a stem wall etc.
that is not going to see any lateral load? 

I hope this clarifies what I am talking about.

Oshin Tosounian, S.E.
Los Angeles, CA

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