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Re: City of Los Angeles hillside ordinance

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I'm still trying to visualize the configuration of your system.  Let me
describe what I think you've got.

1.  The Uphill Foundation consists of a retaining wall that extends downward
1 story-height from the Base-level diaphragm to a grade beam at the lower
floor.  Sloping grade beams slope down the hill from the Uphill Foundation
Grade Beam to the grade beam under the downhill edge of the house.
2.  There will be secondary anchors to control separation of the Uphill edge
of the diaphragm from the Uphill foundation.
3.  There will be primary anchors at each side of the diaphragm, and perhaps
other in the interior of the house.  The Primary anchors are connected to
the Uphill foundation with strength to develop the Base shear.

Now, what I am still not visualizing clearly:
4.  How is the base shear transferred into the ground from the Primary
anchors?  Where does the Base shear go from the Uphill Foundation to get
into the ground?
5.  Do the Primary anchors also have a connection to the Grade beams that
extend downslope from the Uphill Foundation?  If so, I'm visualizing that to
be a diagonal strut that makes that connection; if so the diagonal strut
would take the place of the stem wall that I have been expecting to be a
part of the system.
6.  Or, do the Primary anchors connect to piles in the Uphill Foundation
that are designed to resist the Base Shear and transfer it into the ground?
Being a full story tall, piles like this seem unlikely.

I'll wait for another mid-course correction to help me understand the

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA

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