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RE: Piles reparation

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One possibility is Sikadur 45 Marine Grout Pak which was developed
specifically to fill the annular space between a pile and a jacket.  It
includes a corrosion inhibitor, and was developed to avoid being forced to
dewater.   You can look it up on Sika's web site at:

There are prepackaged products for grouting post tensioning (PT) strands in
sheaths that I would also look at.  They contain a corrosion inhibitor.  I
am not sure where your project is located, but availability of some of these
products is variable.  I would contact your local VSL or other PT contractor
representative and ask them for a recommendation.  

Harold O. Sprague

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I m lookin for a product (resine, cement grout...) to inject between two 
surfaces : the first one is of original pile from steel and the second one 
is from steel, and will be put over the first one to protect from corrosion.

The structure is for mooring ships in the ocean.

I have some advices to avoid contact steel-steel in order to avoid corrosion

by the effect of the"pile", is this right?

Thanks in advance.



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