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RE: flexible vs. rigid single plate shear connections

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>You wouldn't have to upsize the bolts, but wouldn't
>the weld connection to the column still be subject to
>moment in addition to shear?
A moment is a free vector that can be placed anywhere that is consistent
with statics and mechanics of materials. We place it all into the flange
connections in the design examples in the Manual and design the web
connection for straight shear.
As an analogy, this model is fairly similar to what is done in the design of
a column panel zone. There are a lot of different forces and moments that
all get resolved into a shear vector that is transmitted across the full
distance of the panel zone as a shear only. The model works because the
bounding elements and members resolve the moments necessary to make it work.
So the shear tab is like the panel zone and the moment-connected flanges are
like the bounding elements in this case.